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Out Now!

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ETON MESS AND ENEMIES, the 28th Book in the Peridale Cafe series, is OUT NOW!

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Latest Release

Eton Mess and Enemies copy.jpg

Eton Mess and Enemies (Peridale 28)

August 29th 2023

A documentary filmmaker thrusts Peridale into the spotlight when Julia and Barker are ensnared in an investigation that melds arson, gangs, and whispers of cults under a full moon...

Coming Soon

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Wildflower Worries

(Claire's Candles 8)

September 29th 2023

Claire collaborates with the local beekeeper for her new range of wildflower candles. A cup of herbal tea seals his fate, leading Claire into a honeycomb of betrayal, motives, and deadly flora.

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Agatha Frost, nestled in Lancashire, writes gripping mysteries, drawing from her love for British murder mystery stories. With a penchant for head-scratching puzzles, she also enjoys coffee, baking, and countryside walks with her pets. Her Peridale Café and Claire’s Candles series highlight ordinary village women embracing amateur sleuthing amidst family and friends. Expect delicious food, twists, and a touch of cozy charm in each Agatha Frost mystery.

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