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Two New Claire's Candles Mysteries Coming Soon!

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

I'm so excited to announce not one but TWO brand new Claire's Candles cozy mysteries are coming to you very soon, one of them this month!

The first of those books is the long-awaited Halloween-themed 6th book in the series, TOFFEE APPLE TORMENT, and you don't have to wait long. It's out on September 30th, and you can pre-order now on Amazon!


There's a woman in the garden...

Candle shop owner, Claire Harris, loves everything about Halloween, from the crisp autumn nights to the movies, music, and costumes. Her latest toffee apple candle captures the spooky season’s magic in one jar, and according to her best friend and co-worker, Damon, the candle is a ‘one sniff sensation.’ If only the shop had more customers to test that theory...

But the lack of shoppers in Northash’s chilly square becomes the least of Claire’s worries. Her elderly neighbour, Mrs Beaton, has always been an enigma, no more so than when she’s found wandering around in her nightie delivering a simple message. There’s a woman in the garden. And it doesn’t take long for Claire to find that woman, Valerie Skelton, in a freshly dug grave amongst Mrs Beaton’s weeds.

The answers to who buried the woman take Claire down a secret tunnel hidden under the village, all the way back to a 1977 wedding day tragedy where Valerie’s sister, Melanie, died under similarly confusing circumstances. And the woman in the garden isn’t the only mystery Claire finds herself unravelling. Where have Northash’s shoppers gone, what happened at that wedding in 1977 to result in the murder of two women decades apart, and just who is Mrs Beaton?


The second of those books is CANDY CANE CONSPIRACIES, the 7th book in the series and the first holiday-themed book!

It's out on November 29th, and you can pre-order the eBook on Amazon now!


Murder at the craft fair...

Christmas is around the corner in Northash, and candle shop owner, Claire Harris, is excited about her first craft fair. Being held in the locally historic Starfall House, Claire is sure her festive scents will fly off her stall. But she's not the only stall-holder selling homemade candles, and when her main competition dies on the first day of the fair, all fingers point to Claire. Can she prove her innocence before Christmas Day?


After so long away from Claire, Northash, and the rest of her friends and family, I can't wait to take you back. Are you excited to return? Comment below!

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