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Carrot Cake and Concern (Peridale Cafe Book 26) OUT NOW!

Spring is finally here and things are heating up in Peridale in the first release of 2023. We're kicking off with a bang, and Barker has found a body at his new allotment... Carrot Cake and Concern is OUT NOW! This is the 26th book in the bestselling series and can be read as a standalone (however will work better as part of the series). Julia returns in the 27th book, Banana Bread Betrayal (pre-order), coming March 28th 2023!

About Carrot Cake and Concern

There's a body at the allotment...

After years on a waitlist, Julia South Brown's husband, Barker, has finally got his hands on the keys to his own allotment. And just in time for spring. Despite knowing little about gardening, the whole family lends their hands to create a thriving vegetable patch they can all reap the rewards from for years to come, but things take a turn with the discovery of a shallow grave among the carrots. With planting schedules and fertiliser quickly becoming the least of their worries, can Julia and her family bring peace back to Peridale's glorious spring?

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