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Sangria and Secrets (Perdiale Cafe Book 31) - OUT NOW!

The wait is over! Sangria and Secrets is OUT NOW! This is the 31st book in the bestselling series and can be read as a standalone (however will work better as part of the series).

About Sangria and Secrets

Where the sangria flows, secrets are sure to follow...

As the warm sun of Savega kisses the tranquil Spanish shores, a holiday meant for peace and quiet beckons Julia and her family. The picturesque Spanish town, with its whispering olive groves and vibrant plazas, holds a trove of memories—some fond and others shrouded in the shadows of a traumatic past, but their troubles are in the past, aren't they?

Amidst the quaint cobbled streets and the welcoming embrace of Aunt Minnie's hotel, La Casa, tensions simmer below the serene facade. The transformation of the once homely hotel into a sanctuary of spiritual retreat is disrupted by the sharp jolt of a mysterious drowning. Chloe Saunders, a glamourous influencer with a taste for drama, is found lifeless in the healing mineral baths in the dead of night.

As Julia, with her characteristic blend of intuition and persistence, steps up once more to unfurl the truth, she faces the riddles of a troubled hotel pulsing with secrets. With clues steeped in betrayal, revenge, and false prophesies, they grapple with the twisted narratives spun by an array of vivid suspects connected to the wellness community, each cloaking their true motives. Can Julia sift through the lies and untangle the knots of this Mediterranean mystery?

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