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Marshmallows and Memories (Peridale Cafe Book 25) OUT NOW!

How is everyone enjoying the start to autumn? Things have taken a chilly turn in Peridale, I'm so happy to announce that the latest Peridale Cafe book, Marshmallows and Memories, is OUT NOW! This is the 25th book in the bestselling series and can be read as a standalone (however will work better as part of the series). Julia returns in the 26th book, Carrot Cake and Concern, coming February 28th 2023!

About Marshmallows and Memories

A body has been found in a time capsule...

After a busy summer apart, the cold autumn nights and the wedding of Johnny and Leah brings Julia and her old school friends back together. And with hardly any time to go, Julia is struggling to adapt her home baking skills to the autumnal spectacular Leah has dreamt up for her big day’s wedding cake. Flavor is one thing Julia can nail, but the pictures last a lifetime.

The wedding cake experiments soon get put on the back burner when the body of one of their former teachers, Felicity Campbell, is found buried in a time capsule at the school. Along with her private investigator husband, Barker, her daughter, Jessie, and her best friend and fellow bridesmaid - and teacher - Roxy, Julia finds herself in the middle of a complicated unsolved missing person’s case from 30 years ago.

What happened in 1989 to result in Felicity’s burial in a time capsule, and why did everyone think she was living peacefully in Scotland? With those she left behind still in the village, and Barker officially on the case, they have access to all of the suspects, but not everybody is telling the truth about their last meeting with Miss Campbell. With the wedding creeping closer, Julia must juggle the cake and case, but can she close the lid on the mystery before the big day?

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