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Mince Pies and Madness (Perdiale Cafe Book 30) - OUT NOW!

The wait is over! Mince Pies and Madness is OUT NOW! This is the 30th book in the bestselling series and can be read as a standalone (however will work better as part of the series).

About Mince Pies and Madness

Peridale is under attack. Can Julia save the day?

When a mysterious benefactor begins funding the spirited protests against the Howarth Estate development in Peridale, Julia South-Brown finds herself at the heart of a deepening rebellion. The 'Save Peridale’s Soul' campaign is gaining momentum, with the café abuzz with schemes to thwart the developers. But a shocking discovery at the construction site unearths human remains, halting the controversial project of avaricious developer James Jacobson.

The bones thrust the village into the heart of a decades-old mystery. As Julia finds herself increasingly entwined in the investigation, the case reopens old wounds and uncovers hidden secrets. The village's unity is tested as they grapple with the specter of their past, even as they stand together against Jacobson's relentless ambitions.

With increasingly tempting offers to buy her café coming from the suave but sinister James Jacobson, the villagers rally behind Julia, undeterred by the looming threat of a developer's takeover. The community's resilience shines, with an illicit Christmas market springing up in defiance, but their unity is shattered when a car, brakes failing, crashes through the stalls. The unraveling mystery brings together an unlikely group, each with their own connections to the case. Julia, driven by her commitment to truth and community, navigates through the layers of the past, uncovering startling revelations.

The investigation challenges the fabric of Peridale, exposing the frailty of long-held relationships and the strength of newfound bonds. As secrets unravel and truths emerge, join Julia on an epic tale of loss, redemption, and the enduring power of community…

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