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Banana Bread and Betrayal (Perdiale Cafe Book 27) - OUT NOW!

The wait is over! Banana Bread and Betrayal is OUT NOW! This is the 27th book in the bestselling series and can be read as a standalone (however will work better as part of the series).

About Banana Bread and Betrayal

There's trouble at the food bank...

Step back into the quaint village of Peridale, where café-owner, Julia South-Brown, finds herself entangled in a gripping new mystery. When the owner of the local food bank, Hilda, seeks her help after a break-in by a dear friend, Ronnie, Julia is drawn into a tangled web of secrets and deceit.

Determined to protect the community from scandal, Hilda entrusts Julia with the case, urging her to uncover the truth behind Ronnie's inexplicable actions. But as Julia volunteers at the food bank, the situation takes a sinister turn when Ronnie is murdered, just days after being hailed as the saviour of the struggling food bank in The Peridale Post.

With her daughter, Jessie, by her side, Julia delves deeper into Fern Moore's food bank, uncovering shocking revelations about Ronnie's past. A web of suspects emerges, including a jealous fellow volunteer, a resentful brother, an angry neighbour, a cunning businessman, and an old school acquaintance.

Elsewhere, Jessie faces several blasts from her past while making big decisions about her future, Julia’s husband, Barker is working on his second book while lending his PI skills, and her sister, Sue, is settling into her new role working at the café. In a race against time, can Julia juggle family, business, and bringing justice to a close-knit community that has been rocked to the core before more volunteers suffer the same fate as Ronnie?

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